Australian Security Service officers are trained to deal with a wide variety of situations. Their rigorous training encompasses:


  • First Aid (Level 2)

  • Fire & Evacuation Procedures

  • Victorian & NSW Criminal Law

  • Communication Skills

  • Observation and Incident Reporting

  • Appropriate Dress & Bearing

  • Written Reports; ie. Vehicle log, daily and weekly reports

  • Handcuff & Baton Training

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Firearms Training & Accreditation

  • Occupational Health & Safety Training

  • Fire & Evacuation Training

At Australian Security Services we believe that in a company's situation the primary security function is one of presence and observation, backed by a willingness to respond to certain situations.

Security is after all an extension of your corporate image.

To ensure that our service exceeds client expectation, every staff member is constantly monitored in terms of their performance and efficiency.

While the lay person may regard security work as uneventful, Australian Security Services personnel are constantly active in monitoring their area of responsibility and ensuring their presence presents a real deterrent.

Australian Security Services take pride in the fact that their security officers are well trained to cope with various situations which may occur from time to time.

Australian Security Services is a company with a social conscience and recognises its role within the community, we provide both businesses and corporations with peace of mind. Associated with this is our ability to enhance through our services, one's quality of life.